B29 Argosari Hill is The Best Camping Spot in Mount Bromo !

B29 Argosari Hill is The Best Camping Spot in Mount Bromo !  ! . Previously, the highest peak of Mount Bromo claimed by Penanjakan 1 who also became sunrise view point best when tour Bromo. However, since the B29 Argosari inaugurated, Penanjakan 1 no longer holds that title because it only has high 2770 meters above sea level (mdpl), whereas B29 Argosari has an altitude of 2900 mdpl.

Routes And Transportation To B29 Argosari Camping Ground

B29 Argosari Hill is The Best Camping Spot in Mout Bromo !

The name itself is taken from Argosari B29 village where the plateau, which is the village of Senduro, district Argosari, Lumajang. The age of the tourist area this one is still pretty young, so very limited vehicle access. Four-wheeled vehicles are not allowed to reach the top B29 Argosari so must use a two-wheeled vehicle.

Except the tourists wanted to climb to the top, which technically is quite far from the dismissal of four-wheeled vehicles, can take advantage of rental motorcycles duck or better yet use the motor trail provided by community residents about the slopes. The path is steep and winding, and borders on a cliff, so it must be really expert in driving.

B29 Hill is The Land Above The Clouds

The struggle to the top B29 Argosari challenging and draining will be paid off in full so the travelers reach the top of the plateau, where the surroundings shrouded by clouds thick enough to feel as if were in the clouds. Panorama of nature this is what being a mainstay main B29 Argosari. Its same when your take mount bromo tour package.

There is a pretty lively camping spot in the area of the peak of B29 Argosari because it is such a popular location as the best outbound arena around Mount Bromo, and also spot motor cross a very challenging thanks to the contour of the land surrounding meandering . There are also often held motor cross game as entertainment.

As the location of the outbound, B29 Argosari Hill is The Best Camping Spot in Mount Bromo offers the thrill of climbing adrenaline for nature lovers due to the terrain of clouds thick enough. However, at any given moment, climbers must also understand to not imposing activities when the clouds envelop too thick so as to obstruct the view and pose a potential danger to them.

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