Tips on seeing the sunrise on Mount Bromo:

Tips on seeing the sunrise on Mount Bromo while on vacation with family. One of the best places for family tours that can be planned when going to East Java is visiting Mount Bromo. Visiting cold places especially in mountainous areas is not easy if with family and small children.

Need a lot of careful preparation so that your progress is smooth and more satisfying. And what tips need to be considered when going to Mount Bromo. Here’s the details.

Tips on seeing the sunrise on Mount Bromo:

Tips on seeing the sunrise on Mount Bromo:

Make sure all equipment has been prepared in advance, warm clothes / jackets, scarves, hats, shoes and socks must be worn because of the temperature in Bromo when the sun rises very cold.

Bring enough food / drink. If from travel sometimes provides a breakfast menu (bread or the like).

Prepare the camera, along with a battery backup if necessary, unfortunately if you don’t capture the natural beauty of Bromo.

For children or who like travel sickness and cold allergies, prepare the necessary physical and medication. Given the winding and severely damaged pathways, physical conditions need to be considered.

Looking for travel to Bromo is very easy, you can search on google to search for the best local travel agent offers that offer bromo tour package.

Many choices of tour packages that can be selected starting from varying prices, facilities and programs. Below is an example of a package itinerary to Bromo without staying normally provided by a local travel agency.

On the appointed day, at 00:00 participants are picked up at the hotel by the travel party.
The trip from Surabaya to Bromo takes approximately 2-3 hours. The trip will start by using an Avanza / Innova / APV type personal vehicle, and just change the jeep in the Bromo area to Pananjakan, where we will see the sunrise (before going to the Bromo crater).

At 3:30 a.m. at Penanjakan, after parking you can go to the stalls at the bottom of Pananjakan while waiting for the arrival of the sun in the morning. Warm tea and coffee can overcome the cold in the morning at the top of Mount Bromo climb. In the stalls are also available instant noodles and fried bananas. Around these coffee shops, there are also many suvernir stalls, which sell jackets, scarves, hats, etc. There are even jacket rentals too.

At 04.00, walk to the place to see the sunrise. There are several stairs leading to the location. Up at the top, we saw iron chairs lined up to see the sunrise.

At 6:00 a.m., descended from the climbing location and headed for the bromo crater. From the parking area in the sea of ​​bromo sand you can rent a horse or our way to the crater.

08.00 back to the jeep parking area and the trip at Bromo is complete. But there are also those who continue their journey to savanna and teletubbies hills or madakaripura waterfalls.

Choosing the Finest Bromo Tour Package For Family Trip

Choosing the Finest Bromo Tour Package For Family Trip . There is something that makes us amazed when visiting Mount Bromo. The unique nature and the splendor of God’s creation make us feel small and helpless, yet it also makes us impenetrable at once. Either you are a nature lover or not, Bromo is always a favorite place to visit. It is common knowledge when Bromo is also accompanied by various tourist attractions that are not less cool than the Mount Bromo itself. Well, maybe you can be confused in determining what to choose in your Bromo tour package. The in-depth tour of the place feels very important to give a little insight into what you can expect from Bromo.

Choosing the Finest Bromo Tour Package For Family Trip

Choosing the Finest Bromo Tour Package For Family Trip

There are many people who know about the sea of ​​sand covering the base of Mount Bromo; many who know about the top of Mount Bromo as a good climbing location but rarely know about B29. B29 is one of the tops in this mountain which has the tagline “Land above the cloud” on Bromo tour package. This is because the peak shape is indeed shrouded in clouds, making you feel at the top of the world. View obtained from B29 was no less interesting. To reach the top, you must pass through a series of steep and thrilling terrain. The access to cars is almost impossible, considering the safety aspects. Most people choose to ride a motorcycle or climb to get to this peak.

Moreover, B29 peak also has a twin named peak B30, both were often included in Bromo tour package with . If you’ve ever tried climbing the top of B29, it would not hurt to challenge yourself and go to the top of B30. The scenery is not less beautiful and the access road is also no less challenging. For the fans of extreme sports, this is the best spot to spend your time.

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